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I needed a few business cards, not willing to commit to 250 pieces but also not feeling creative enough to go the DIY route. Enter MOO, a business card creator that lets customers customize the look of their card with an in-browser editor that is incredibly easy to use. They've also branched out to print greeting cards and postcards. I chose to print 50 glossy business cards with a different photo on each. Since I was linked by my account, I only had to pay for the US $5 shipping fee. I checked out a sample pack of their different papers as well. The variety of paper they carry is delicious. And the best part: they ship to the Philippines as well!


I love that it ships with a bright YAY! sticker because that's how I felt when I saw it. The cards come in a thick sturdy box of a card holder.

There are also filing cards to sort the contents. So functional!

Business Cards

I couldn't resist seeing these babies. I have so many ideas for more site cards!

Also, I may have made the most vain "business" card in history. Taking selfies to the next level yo.

Here are all the designs; I made 5 so I got 10 of each. The black card is the back, containing my information. The QR code in the corner points to my page. I am absolutely delighted with the paper stock and print quality. These list my US number so I am definitely ordering more with my Philippine number. And perhaps a more professional cover. ;) You can order up to 8,000 cards but my career is in flux at the moment so I'm sticking to 50.

Sample Pack

Here's the sample pack they sent, with pre-printed samples of every product. And stickers! With the little moo mascot, aw. I love that you can actually use most these samples. Details on the printing and paper stock are listed on the back. I'd like to try their regular satin finish on my next order!

These are my favorite samples, heehee. I do love cake. And food. And the ice cream sandwiches I bought just this week. The Luxe paper is pretty impressive, very thick with a colored border. Postcard-sized, these would be perfect for dinner menus at a fancy party.

Moo has an intuitive in-browser card designer and a wide variety of paper stock for printing. Paired with reasonable prices, it's no wonder Moo was voted as Lifehacker's Best Business Card Printing Site this year. I look forward to designing more cards! To get a 10% discount off your first order, click this link.

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