How to Help: International Edition

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Above, CNN gives a brief update of the Haiyan/#YolandaPH aftermath and gives a list of international efforts on How to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors. I didn't have to go far; at mass today the poor box was dedicated to victims of the supertyphoon.

Above is a more comprehensive Tagalog report on Yolanda's effects. Reporter Ted Failon points out that although forced evacuation was carried out, people didn't really know what a storm surge was, nor the destruction it was capable of bringing. An evacuation center withstood the wind but not the 6 meter-high wall of water, killing several people seeking shelter within. I'm not particularly empathic but this was just terrible to watch. At 3:36 you see the heartbreaking image of Failon helping a young boy in an orange shirt remove the body of his father from the rubble. His mother has yet to find out about her husband's demise.

National and local government are facing overwhelming obstacles. Communication lines are still mostly down; roads still impassable. Looting has already started. Senator Richard Gordon calls for police action as a Red Cross convoy carrying relief goods is 'attacked' by a mob. But the security situation has reportedly since returned to normal. The world sends emergency aid and I really hope it gets to those who need it.

A few more hopeful updates are these messages from Yolanda survivors to their loved ones. If you are looking for a person, or have information on someone, consider the Google Person Finder for Typhoon Yolanda. (PLEASE NOTE: On active Person Finder sites, all data entered is available to the public and usable by anyone. Google does not review or verify the accuracy of this data.)

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