OPI Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful Minis Review, plus You Don't Know Jacques

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Shortly after I settled in here, I went on a hunt for a conservative, work-friendly nail polish, perferably nude or taupe. This set of minis from OPI's Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful collection looked about right. The shades included were 3 sheer pastels: I Theodora You, Don't Burst My Bubble, and Glints of Glinda; and a darker Liquid Sand shade, What Wizardry Is This. I also picked up You Don't Know Jacques, a basic brownish taupe.

Here's a comparison of the size of the regular polish bottles (15 ml) versus the minis (3.75 ml). The brush in the minis seems to be about the same length, but thinner. It's a bit harder to wield, but I like that it can get into the nooks and crannies of my small nails.

in shade

in direct sunlight

As you've probably noticed by now, I can't do polish swatches for shit. It's too cold to hold my hand steady and them cuticles are whack. Anyway.

Glints of Glinda is a sheer beige that was just what I was looking for. It gives me mannequin hands, clean and simple. Don't Burst My Bubble is a sheer white that applies a bit streakily. Not my favorite. I Theodora You is sheer cool-toned bubblegum pink that's cute and girly. I applied 3 coats for all 3 shades, and you can see that Glints of Glinda is still sheer while Don't Burst My Bubble and I Theodora You become opaque.

You Don't Know Jacques is perhaps OPI's most popular shade, a beautiful taupe that appears brown on my nails, but can appear more gray or purple on other tones. I think it's perfect for any season, but especially for fall. This shade is opaque in 2 coats.

in shade

in direct sunlight

What Wizardry Is This? is a Liquid Sand taupe with a textured matte sheen. It's a pretty complex shade that also looks great on top of dark colors. The depth of color paired with the gold sheen makes it perfect for that transition between fall and winter. This is 2 coats above.

These shades lasted about 4 days before chipping even started to happen (no topcoat).

The OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Mini Lacquers set retails for $10-13 USD at drugstores, specialty beauty stores, and online beauty stores. The regular classic OPI polish such as You Don't Know Jacques retails for $6.95-9.00 USD at the same. Digital Traincase and various Philippine resellers carry OPI.

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