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It had been 4 days since we'd heard from a classmate who was serving as a Doctor to the Barrio in Eastern Samar. His last update was about how strong the winds were. Watching the coverage about mass graves in Hernani, where he was deployed, didn't help. But some hopeful news: a person finder has marked him alive and well. We are still waiting for personal confirmation.

This BBC News video highlights the shortage of water and food, as well as medical supplies. (Disturbing images within.) Two women have given birth in makeshift hospitals.

On a related note, Philippine Red Cross Secretary Gwen Pang tells us why we cannot donate powdered milk for babies. It's good to see someone detail how relief goods are being distributed, the massive coordination needed to make sure they don't double up on stuff, and what goods are actually needed (namely, DRINKING WATER, READY-MADE FOOD, and MEDICINE). Many areas are still inaccessible by land. Many areas are not safe. Road and communication conditions are being updated on this Google spreadsheet: Eastern Visayas Post-Yolanda Status Monitoring. Senator Dick Gordon's Facebook page is also informative.

No Profit, Just Aid

For those who wish to help, why not do so while getting something in return? Calligrapher Leigh Reyes is auctioning of some beautiful pens and drawings, such as a Platinum 3776 Shoji demonstrator. Just check her Auctions tag. 100% of proceeds will go the Philippine Red Cross. She will shoulder shipping and handling and Paypal fees.

Fashion blogger Julie is auctioning a Michael Kors Black Leather XXS Jacket with Wool Lining. Again, 100% of the sale will go to victims of typhoon Haiyan via a reputable organization.

Livejournal community Fandom Aid is holding a fandom fundraiser. Authors and artists offer fics, fanart, songs, icons, etc. Donors claim an author/artist and make a donation to an approved organization immediately.

Katha Magazine's Padayon Auction for a Cause runs until November 24, 8pm GMT+8. View the complete catalog here. All proceeds will go to The Philippine Red Cross and help Typhoon Yolanda survivors, so your money is definitely going to be put to very good use! Highest running bids are uploaded every night at 8pm GMT+8 on their Facebook.

If you know of or are holding other fund-raising efforts, do comment and I will update this page.

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