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<radar love robot reaching out to you>

Hello guys! You may have noticed that I've been writing every day. Now I may be an exception, but I actually like it when a blogger doesn't post every day. With the number of feeds on my RSS reader, it can get overwhelming and unless the topic is entirely pertinent to me at the moment, it's skipped. Once this becomes a habit with that blog, unsubscribing is the next step.

My goal is to be one of those bloggers whose entries you read even if the subject matter is totally irrelevant to your interests (Tire treads? Why yes I would love to know more!) -- only two names come to mind. But while I'm working on that, I'd like to know if I'm not alone:

Do you like it when a blogger posts daily, or
do you prefer something less frequent?

And just so radar love bot isn't alone up there, a few recycled doodles after the jump. You'll eventually see why I'm bringing these up!

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