Rave Review: theBalm InStain Blush in Lace and Toile

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A few weeks back TheBalm had one of their online flash sales (50% off!) and I got the two InStain blushes I'd been eyeing, Lace and Toile. InStain is a line of "long-wearing powder staining blushes." To be honest, I don't notice the subtle differences in the colors of blush when worn. But I was was looking for something matte and these looked so pretty! I'm also very happy that these are available at Beauty Bar Philippines. Included in my order was a sachet of the Honey Face and Body Primer, which I will most likely use for my legs when I fly back home.

Above are all six shades from theBalm's website. It seems they've grouped the shades into "spring" and "fall" colors for fair, medium, and deep skin tones. Without noticing this, I purchased the shades for the medium tones, how perfect. Also, the borders match the blush name! ♥

Let's tackle the obvious: how cute are these wee things! Fit in the palm of my hand! The retro magazine design is très chic. I like that they included people of color.

Lace is a bright pink, while Toile is a strawberry that actually appears more coral.

The blushes look like teeny magazines, enclosed in sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure. Each comes with its own slipcase for added protection, so you're sure they won't accidentally open while in your kit.

Lace is a pink that looks scarily bright in the pan, but is very pretty and youthful when applied. It reminds me of my No7 marble blusher but more intense, and matte.

Amazing how a little blush can flatter a pale lip! I'm using Rimmel by Kate matte lipstick in 102, which looked awkwardly pale in my previous review.

Toile is marked as a matte "strawberry" color for fall. It swatches on the coral side of orange and is gorgeous on the cheeks. I am in love with this, it mimics exactly how I look after a long walk under the wind and sun.

Running off the to grocery! Well okay, just brisk-walking to the grocery.
The blushes are very soft. One light tap yielded the product above. They're finely milled and incredibly pigmented, so apply with a light hand. These leave a satiny soft finish that lasted 8 hours before I finally washed my face. They don't exactly stain per se; easy to wash off with makeup remover so I'm glad for that.

The Wrap


Gorgeous colors in a finely-milled very pigmented formula.
Adorable packaging -- I love!


A bit pricey but worth it, especially the price in Beauty Bar and with sales in the US.

theBalm InStain blushes have a full retail price of US $22 or an incredibly reasonable PhP 895 at Beauty Bar in the Philippines.

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