How to remove INGLOT pans from the freedom system palette

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Hey y'all! Still alive, chillin in NYC for a few more days. I did Black Friday (and of course Cyber Week) online, no muss no fuss. We did stop by a few stores on the day itself -- or rather, Thanksgiving Day, because more stores started BF at 8pm Thursday instead of the usual 12am Friday. (Walmart went so far as to start at 6pm.) But it was pretty crowded and reminded me of being in an SM mall on a payday weekend so no, we got the hell outta there. The downside of shopping online is that you don't have a physical reminder of what you've purchased so before you know it, you've blown your budget. I am happy to report that my shopping list is complete except for the men in my family.

Anyway -- since INGLOT has come to the Philippines there's been an upsurge in posts about it, for which I am very happy for my friend. ;) I've noticed that people have trouble removing pans from the freedom system palette. It's super easy and doesn't need any extra materials like a pin or screwdriver or whatnot. All you need is the palette itself! Remember, it's all connected by magnets. Below is a short video tutorial I found. Hope it helps!

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