Philosophy Purity Made Simple: my face's favorite

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I don't splurge on facial cleansers because you're washing it off your face anyway. I can't really say what it is I want in a cleanser, but I know what I don't: foam, irritation, dryness.

My love affair with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleanser started out with sample sachets/foils from Sephora. I liked it so much that I really debated on whether to include the remaining samples in my last giveaway. But back then I had my Celeteque and I wanted to share Purity's goodness, so away the samples went. Fast forward to here and now, where there is no Celeteque, and drugstore brands like Neutrogena and Aveeno dry me out. So I caved and got a couple of travel sizes of Purity. Consider this a splurge.

All the things I like about this cleanser can be traced to all the essential oils in it:

1. Texture. It's runny with a hint of slip, very easy to spread out, and foams the tiniest bit.

2. Scent. The fragrant oils blend beautifully into an herby, citrus-y, I-feel-like-I'm-in-a-spa scent, neither masculine nor feminine, highly aromtherapeutic.

3. Effects. The slip and scent leave my skin feeling quite fresh and dare I say hydrated. After 2 sachets (about a week), my skin was noticeably softer and smoother.

Unfortunately, the very oils that give it that divine scent can also be irritants, especially to those with sensitive skin. I use veeeery little -- just enough to spread a thin layer over both palms. More than that tends to dry my skin. Some have taken the one-step thing to heart and also use this as a daily makeup remover. I would advise using a dedicated makeup remover because although Purity is so gentle that I can open my eyes mid-wash and not have the urge to tear them out of their sockets, the amount and length of time you'd need this on your face to effectively remove makeup is simply too much and could trigger a sensitivity reaction. I use it simply as a cleanser, and it works perfectly as that.

The Wrap


Gentle aromatherapeutic cleanser for daily use.
Noted softer, smoother skin after a week.


May irritate sensitive skin.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser is available at Sephora and major department stores at the following prices: $10 USD for 3 oz., $23 USD for 8 oz., $35.0 USD for 16 oz. I'm also very happy to see it available in the Philippines at Purity's flagship store in Megamall for PhP 1,395. (I assume this is the 16 oz. bottle.)

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