Calligraphy Week: Winsor and Newton Calligraphy Ink

11:40 AM

I've fallen behind on Calligraphy Week! Getting up daily at 5:30 am and getting home 12 hours later doesn't sound like a lot but it takes its toll. Anyway, here's the most recent ink I've acquired, Winsor and Newton Calligraphy Ink in Violet. It's a saturated, opaque violet that is a lovely alternative to black. Writing samples after the jump.

The bottle is a little worse for wear after traveling. :p Do note that while the bottle is marked "for fountain and dip pens," even the company's technical advisor does not recommend it for use in fountain pens because of its viscosity and pigment.

That concludes are the three essentials in your dip pen kit: pennib, and ink. I'll be talking about more materials like paper and paint in the future.

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