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I realized I needed more than my Shu Uemura eye brush and trusty Japonesque shadow brush for quick eye looks in the morning. So I picked up the EcoTools Essential Eye Set at the drugstore. These synthetic babies are soft, multipurpose, and super convenient on the go. Best of all, they're available locally!

These five brushes are enough for simple EOTDs and more complicated evening looks. The mysterious sixth piece is the zipper case, in case you were wondering. The synthetic bristles, while not as silky as natural hair, are quite soft and have not shed even under my mistreatment and rough washing. The handles are short, lightweight bamboo, great for tossing in your carry-on or chucking into your purse. I find the brush names a bit misleading -- the highlighting brush for example is an obvious blending brush. As with all makeup tools, you can use these for whatever purpose suits you.

The large eye brush is obviously way too large for my Asian eyes. Instead, I use it to set undereye concealer.

The angled crease brush is a super duper quick way to define the crease. One dip into the shadow and a few quick swipes and I'm done! I also use this to soften the shadow edges.

The mis-named highlighting brush is the obvious blending brush here, which is exactly what I use it for. This is also what I use with more pigmented shadows when I just want a sheer wash of color.

The petite eye shading brush serves better as a smudger, or for defining the outer V. I've also used it as a lip brush!

I also use the smudge brush for defining the outer V.

All in all, this is a great deal for a starter eye brush set, when you're just figuring out what shape of brush you need for your eye shape. I for example, use the angled crease brush and the blending brush the most.

The Wrap


A five-piece set with all you need for a complete eye look.
The zipper case is actually really convenient and useful.
Awesome for beginners.


Not all brushes will fit all eye shapes.

The EcoTools Essential Eye Set retails for $7.99 USD in major drugstores and department stores. Also available from Philippine resellers and at for PhP 730.

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