Short Hair, Don't Care (Or, An Abundance of Selfies)

2:41 PM

Once upon a time, I let my hair grow out down past my boobage.

Also known as mermaid hair.

Because you could swim in it.

It was really fun because I could curl it ~Victoria's Secret style.

And it would hold the curl until the next day, making for a really cute messy updo. Or I could rock the sock bun for a few hours.

And unroll it into unruly out-of-bed curls.

That would settle into waves at the end of the day.

So, long hair was really fun. With proper volume it was actually slimming. I shy away from sleeveless tops because I have flabulous arms. But with long hair I could wear practically anything and look petite.

Then summer arrived and I would wake up to a sweat-soaked nape and my head would ache from the weight of my hair pulled up into a ponytail and taking a shower took 30 minutes never mind how long it took for everything to dry and I just didn't need the hassle.

So 1 foot of hair less later, hellooo summer hair. I look like an eight-year old. Or Asian Dora with glasses.

Outfits also needed something of a rehaul. Long hair looked especially good with solid colors and block patterns. Hair was accessory enough! Short hair looks punchier, more alive, when complemented by florals and tiny patterns. AH.

Agh, it's summer.

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