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Facials may not be miracle-workers, but they sure are relaxing! I think the biggest benefit you can get from a facial is having that one hour of "me" time, letting the stress of the day melt away, coming out refreshed and renewed. It doesn't hurt that the included facial massage and masks plump up your skin, making you look and feel glowy smooth. When done at properly-spaced intervals, some see an improvement in their skin situation. Of course to maintain great skin, facials have to be paired with proper diet and skincare.

I recently had the chance to try out Flawless' Cell Booster Infusion Facial + Mask. It claims to "combat the effects of and protect the skin from the destructive free radicals that we encounter every day," and "rejuvenate and improve skin cell architecture by nourishing it and encouraging the tissue regeneration process." That second claim I believe, because this service includes a microdermabrasion scrub.

I've never been one for facials, because I can get the same skincare benefits at home. (The pampering benefits are another matter!) For serious skin care concerns, I take a trip to my dermatologist. Flawless toes the line between aesthetic spa and medical clinic. Customers are called "patients" and are seen by a dermatologist prior to their procedure. The doctor determines what service will best address the patient's needs.

I had Dr. Villanueva at the SM North EDSA branch. Majority of Flawless derms are certified by the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS), and undergo Flawless-specific training. Consults with the derms are always free.

People have said I have "good skin" but I think I've been brainwashed by media ads of poreless beauty because all I can see are bumps and large pores. That day I didn't wear a face base, only doing my eyes and brows. When asked about my skin concerns I mentioned uneven skin tone (aka nefarious splotchiness), red cheeks, and small pimples. Dr. Villanueva confirmed that my too-rosy cheeks are not a sign of rosacea (yay!) but simply sensitive skin, and gave the go signal for the facial. She also advised me to speak up at the slightest tingle, because any facial or mask has the potential to trigger a hypersensitivity reaction. In my case, there was none. ;)

Facial stations like this are lined up next to each other, barracks style. You can see the steamer and headlamp above. Flawless aestheticians train for several weeks before practicing their art.

My hour-long facial began with a double cleanse, first with a cream cleanser, then with a scrub and a dermabrasion device similar to the Clarisonic. Microdermabrasion's buffing benefits are twofold: (1) removing dead cells that we naturally shed reveals the newer, more luminous skin underneath, and (2) abrading the superficial layer of skin stimulates cell turnover. This can make your skin look smoother and can minimize photoaging and the appearance of fine lines. Resurfacing chemical peels with glycolic or salicylic acid can do the same.

There was some weird suction action going on; not sure for what. Following this was some good old steaming. Steaming supposedly helps open up the pores, making pricking easier and less painful. My hands were also wrapped in heated gloves, which felt very nice. My aesthetician gave me a face, neck, and back massage. The latter feels a bit weird when you're lying on your back. But it was still super relaxing.

Then came the comedone extraction (not pictured). I hadn't exfoliated in a while so I had a LOT of whiteheads and blackheads. Natagalan kami dito lol. After that a light saber laser wand was waved over my face to "close the pores."

Then finally, the Cell Booster Infusion Mask! This thing is COLD. It is like FREEZING. I LOVE IT. I could practically feel my skin tightening while being drenched with the brightening, anti-aging actives in this stem cell hydrogel mask. Super refreshing, especially in these hot summer days. Through new-fangled technology, it delivers active ingredients by reacting to the skin's temperature rather than the air. The mask was on for only 20 minutes but I wish I could have had it longer. After removal my face felt super soft and smooth.

I went straight home afterwards because you're not supposed to wash your face until 24 hours after, and I wanted to minimize the accumulation of dirt on my mug until then. About 10 minutes after the facial my face was already reacting to the pricking, my cheeks becoming red and raised. This is a normal reaction for some so I wasn't worried. (Although it did bring to mind this foreign blogger's experience.) I knew I could call the center or Dr. Villanueva if it persisted.

Sure enough, by the following morning everything had settled down. My face was more even-toned compared to pre-facial; my skin soft and glowing even without moisturizer. Just freshly washed here!

The Flawless Cell Booster Infusion Facial + Mask goes for a respectable ~PhP 1,500. That includes a facial, comedone extraction, and massage! The mask itself is available as an upgrade with any Flawless advanced facial service. This is perfect for individuals in their mid- to late-twenties who are interested in preventive measures. It's a great pick-me-up and a must-do for events when you want to look that much more fresh and, dare I say it, ~Flawless.

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