Brow Beauty Part 2: Brow Definition

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Yesterday I talked about my ~brow story. Now here are my current brow products! Depending on the mood and how much time I have to fix my face I use brow powder, a brow pen, a brow pencil, or any combination thereof. If I have extra time, I also use a clear mascara and concealer. This is going to be a bit long, so bear with me!

Brow Powders

Our eyebrows are never the same color throughout -- for most of us, the color is lighter near the temples. Brow powders usually come in sets with more than one shade, perfect for creating a very natural, 3-dimensional brow. Especially for people who have sparse hairs like me, who need to "fill in" their brows. I apply powders using Marionnaud N°38 dual-ended eye brush, a great cheap find that has a slanted brow/liner on one end and a spoolie at the other.

In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Color (PhP 299)

This was my first brow product and remains an old reliable. It has 3 shades: a light sandy color, a reddish brown, and a taupe brown that you can mix to create the perfect match for your hair color. This powder in particular is quite dry, allowing you to build up color. So it's great for beginners or those with a heavy hand -- difficult to go overboard with this. The hard texture also makes it long-lasting; indeed I never touch up when I have this on. You can also use it wet, or as I like, on top of a clear mascara for a bolder look.

Given its neutral shades, I have also tried to use this as an eyeshadow. But given its hardness, I wouldn't recommend it outside of really tight situations.

In2It's brow powder has a light sandy color, a reddish brown, and a taupe brown

Used dry for a more natural brow

On top of clear mascara for a bolder look

Ellana Eyebrow/Eyeshadow Quad (PhP 350)

(Full review here.) This mineral eyeshadow quad includes three matte shades that double as brow powder. The reddish satin shade may be used sparingly on the brows as well. This is softer than In2It's trio so you'll have to layer it on more. It gives a very diffuse look, something like the Korean-style brows with their blurred outlines.

Ellana's quad has a brown taupe, a beige, a light sand, and a satin copper

Whoops, went a little too far extending those brows lol

It gives very soft, diffuse "mabait" brows

Brow Pens and Pencils

Brow pens are fine-tipped to allow you to flick on little hairs, mimicking real brow strands. Or you can use them like brow pencils, to darken and even fill in eyebrows. I prefer my pencils in retractable form; it's just more convenient. Although I haven't tried the famous Shu Uemura hard pencil.

Pencils are great for quick definition, touch-ups, and traveling. I currently have three in rotation.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in Deep Brown (PhP 150)

My latest brow purchase. This retractable pencil is cut in the triangular naginata style, like She's sword cut. It's a medium-hard pencil that applies more intensely on wet or oily (hehe) brows; the oils seem to dissolve the waxy pigment and allow it to adhere to the skin and hair. It comes with a spoolie on the other end, which I use to brush hairs into place before applying the pencil, and again afterwards to distribute the powder. I love it because it's quick, easy, and natural-looking. It lasts fairly long as well. The Face Shop has a similar pencil called Design My Eyebrow that retails for PhP 225.

The triangular naginata "sword cut." Use it flat to shade the inner part of the brow, then turn it on its side to outline or extend the brow near the temples.

I applied it quite soft and natural here, but it can easily be built up for a bold brow.

Milani Easybrow Auto Pencil in Dark Brown 02 ($5.49 USD)

This was an impulse buy in Baltimore when I'd left my beloved In2It powder behind. It's very waxy and applies too heavily. The tip is none too fine either, so I end up with clownishly dark brows. I end up brushing most of it off with the spoolie end. Staying power is meh, it fades by mid-day. I'm not even including a face swatch because it is just not worth it.

Canmake Liquid Eyebrow (~PhP 300)

I got this in the Canmake booth at the #BDJBoxSocial. The SA said they only had one shade, but Google tells me people have seen at least two. In any case, the shade I got is a taupe brown, a good match for my brows. Theoretically you can draw in hairs with the felt tip, but I don't have the skills for that so I just use short strokes to fill in my brows. Application requires a bit more care than with the Etude pencil, just because this is more pigmented. I wish it came with a spoolie on the other end as well, because that extra step helps it look that much more natural.

Just a little bit of filling in at the centre of the brow for a more defined eye


When I have extra time, I brush In2It clear mascara (not pictured) onto my brows before using brow powder, to help the color adhere better. If I'm using a pencil, I apply the mascara afterwards, brushing the hairs upward to give the brows depth and a bit of shine.

I also use Clinique Airbrush Concealer in 04 Neutral Fair to highlight the brow bone and the arch when I want a flawless nighttime look. It takes some time to pat and blend though so I reserve this for special occasions.

A quick cheat sheet. My favorite brow products right now are the In2It powder and Etude House pencil. What are yours?

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