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This post is long overdue! We are all familiar with Burt's Bees lip products (their lip shimmers are my fave), but how many of us have even considered their skin care line? I have oily-combination skin, and in this weather the oily parts just get oilier and the dry parts get drier. I've used the Burt's Bees Daisy White cleanser, toner, and moisturizing cream for close to four months, since before I left the Philippines, and let me tell you, whether it's summer or fall, my skin loves these babies.

Daisy White Cleanser is a gentle non-foaming cream cleanser that smells (literally) lemony fresh. I am partial to non-foamers and this is right up my alley. A little bit on the palm, a little bit of water, and my face is fresh as a ~*daisy. (Hrrrrrrr.) I've tried it as a makeup remover and it works for light non-waterproof stuff. I love that it's non-drying and leaves my face feeling soft and somehow moisturized.

Daisy White Toner is a funky-smelling brown liquid that is nonetheless a pleasure to use. A bit on a cotton pad takes off makeup residue in a jiff. If I'm lazy I just slap some on my palms and then on my face haha. It makes my face feel a bit lifted and refreshed, ready for the next step:

Daisy White Moisturizing Cream, housed in an obnoxiously squat little pump bottle, is lightweight but provides enough moisture even on 60-degree nights. I love that it comes with a little stopper seal that you have to break before first use -- freshness guaranteed.

The line also includes an eye cream and serum that I have heard good things about, but have not tried.

Here I am after two weeks of use, unedited, face just cleansed, no makeup. I have hyperpigmentation that will sadly never go away, but my skin in general has evened out so I'm comfortable just wearing sunscreen as a base, seen in this photo:

I have to say I am delightfully surprised by Burt's Bees skin care. Not to mention, I have barely used up half the product in these bottles! I feel like they will last me a year at least. The fantabulously designed launch kit included a lip gloss that I absolutely LOVE and MUST pick up more of at Target, and a mini pack of wipes that I have been using to remove makeup on lazy days. More about these in future posts. :)

The Burt's Bees Daisy White line retails at the following prices:
- Daisy White Cleanser Php 795 (170g)
- Daisy White Cleanser and Toner Php 795 (170g)
- Daisy White Moisturizing Cream PhP 1650 (50g)

Burt's Bees is available at Beauty Bar Philippines and major drugstores in the US.

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