December Calligraphy Workshops

10:00 AM

Hey all! I can't tell you how excited I am about this -- Nifty Nibs December Calligraphy Workshops!

I get a lot of questions on Instagram and the blog about getting started in calligraphy. This is the perfect venue for me to show you all the basics -- and the perfect time for you to get hands-on instruction.

December 13, Saturday  |  9am - 1 pm

Do you tend towards playful swirls and graceful curves? Do you like experimenting with letterforms? This is the class for you. Designed for beginners to modern calligraphy, this workshop tackles the basics of flexible nib pens while you receive hands-on instruction. All participants will receive a kit with everything needed to get started in calligraphy.

December 20, Saturday  |  9am - 1 pm

Do you like uniform lines and formal strokes? Sit up straight, smooth out your guide sheets, and learn Copperplate calligraphy in this class! Learn the ins and outs of flexible nibs, master how to wield an oblique nib, and practice Copperplate letterforms while you receive hands-on instruction. All materials will be provided.

Workshops will be held at Bo's Coffee, Katipunan. Come join me this holiday season and spice up your gifts with personalized calligraphy like you see below! Sign-ups are at

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