Video: Deep Cleaning with the X Makeup Brush Cleaner

11:46 AM

Sharing with you my brush-cleaning tips, and this new kid on the block, the X Makeup Brush Cleaner by Philippine makeup artist Xeng Zulueta.

This "organic, natural, eco-friendly" solid brush cleaner is made from virgin coconut oil and other mystery ingredients. It literally is homemade, right in Xeng's kitchen, and takes three days to produce.

This is the only cleaner that has restored by white bristled brushes back to their pristine white. It also works on sponges, powder puffs, even art brushes. I love the smell, although I would caution people with sensitive skin to do a patch test before using it.

One tub costs PhP 450. Returning an empty tub will get you PhP 50 off on your next order, which is nice. You can purchase the X Makeup Brush Cleaner by emailing or messaging her on Facebook:

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