Hi! My name is Eula and I blog from the Philippines and the USA.

Why Eula Sleeps? Because I love sleeping. I can't get enough of it, and I never do. When I'm not sleeping I'm making pretty things with paper and washi tape. I love taking pictures, so you'll see a lot of those in this blog, along with the occasional travelogue, food post, or movie review. I'm big on skincare and enjoy playing with makeup. My skin is combination-oily, fair to medium with strong yellow undertones.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pretty things here. If you have your own website, do leave a comment so I can visit you!

Contact me by using my contact form, or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. If you're hungry for more spam, I'm also on Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. See you around!


Majority of the products you see here are purchased by me. Products that are provided by companies for consideration will contain a footnote indicating that fact, as will affiliate links. Rest assured that all reviews are written with my honest opinion.

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