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Do you collaborate or accept partnerships/sponsorships?
I post and tweet about brands and products that are relevant to my interests (namely beauty, lifestyle, and crafts). I'd be happy to hear more about your brand -- tell me about it using my contact form below.

I do accept products for review and will post about them if I like the product. For inquiries on this as well as on guaranteed sponsored posts with social media coverage, giveaways, and banner and button advertisements on my site, email me at hello [at] eulasleeps.com or use my contact form below.

What are your website/blog design rates?
Because of my schedule, I very rarely design websites for money. If you are interested in learning code to customize your site, I direct you my posts on blogging tips. If you like simple, WYSIWYG kind of website builders, I have heard good things about Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix.

Can you write about _____?
I have a question or comment about _____.
Want to be penpals?
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Just drop me a line at hello [at] eulasleeps.com or use the form below!

Ask me anything, or just say hi!
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Majority of the products you see here are purchased by me. Products that are provided by companies for consideration will contain a footnote indicating that fact, as will affiliate links. Rest assured that all reviews are written with my honest opinion.

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