Snoe No. 9 Exfoliating Oatmeal Beauty Bar Review

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This was part of the Snoe loot from Liz, and I liked it so much I bought my own stash!

The bar looks rather unassuming, but quite pretty with its snowflake imprint. Once I lathered it up, it melted into an almond jelly-scented foam that had me craving for the Chinese dessert. I was in love from the first bath.

Full of natural moisturizers like goats' milk, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, it leaves skin clean but supple. It is gentle enough for everyday use. I wish the delicious smell lingered on the skin for more than an hour, but its transient stay will be a relief to those who prefer to use perfumes.

Like all moisturizing soaps, this one melts rather quickly. To extend its life, I cut it into threes. This yields pieces that are just the right size for sudsing up, and more imporantly, leaves the snowflake intact in the middle piece. ;) It is a testament to this bar's moisturizing properties that a blade can cut through it like butter -- even more easily than it does through my former favorite unscented Dove beauty bar.

As the bar melts away, some of the exposed oatmeal pieces can be quite large and grate against the skin. When this happens I use it with a bath lily and the froth glides so smoothly on the skin. I also do this when I want a little more exfoliation (say, post-waxing). I keep the bar on a rack to prevent water from pooling around it and dissolving all the goodness. This bar makes me look forward to bath time, if only for the smell of the lather.

The Snoe No. 9 Exfoliating Oatmeal Beauty Bar is available at all Snoe kiosks and boutiques for Php 139.

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