Travel Skin-Savers: L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream and Eau de Toilette

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The weather here in the US is really doing a number on my skin. Especially in New York, where it got quite chilly at night, and dry besides. My usual lotion not being moisturizing enough for my hands, I picked up a dedicated hand cream that happened to come with a matching fragrance. L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom line happens to be very timely, cherry blossom season recently peaking in Washington, DC. I believe it's part of their permanent line.

My hands were so dry from the weather and damaged from repeated lugging of suitcases, they cracked! :( It was great fun grossing my sister out by making my finger "talk." :p Sigh, look at those prominent wrinkles.

The cream's scent is very light and springtime-y, somehow a clean sort of fragrance that is mildly floral and dare I say pretty, if pretty had a scent. It was my favorite from the many scented hand creams that L'Occitane offers. You save $2 if you pick the two up together.

Fatty alcohols rank high on the cream's ingredients, as does shea butter; all heavy-duty moisturizers. It's wonderfully light and is absorbed within minutes, leaving you to go about your (handi)work. I really love the scent, and find myself applying it multiple times a day just so I can smell it.

The fragrance is also lightly floral but with more of a kick. It doesn't turn sour after long hours of wear, but do take note that I'm currently in a colder climate so I don't know how this would fare in the humidity of the Philippines.

The roller ball is great for travel because I don't accidentally offend anyone with my enthusiastic spraying action. I just roll it on my pulse points and the shoulders of whatever blouse I'm wearing.

I love the size of these things because I can toss them in my bag and go. I picked the L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream and Eau de Toilette up at Union Station in DC for $32 (~ PhP 1,320). They should be available in any L'Occitane branch.

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